When it comes to protecting your internet business, You don't want to be on

the ignorance is bliss only to Find Out The Hard Way Side

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When it comes to protecting your internet business, You don't want to be on

the ignorance is bliss only to Find Out The Hard Way Side

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And You Won't Have To...







As A Woman Entrepreneur, Protecting Everything, Especially Your business Revenue + Profit, is critical.

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Give Phishers The Phinger

Secure Your Business, Protect Your Future: Why Give Phishers The Phinger is a Must-Have for Women Entrepreneurs

August 10, 20232 min read

Phishing Attacks aren't going away.

Securing our digital presence has become more crucial than ever, especially for women entrepreneurs who are navigating the fast-paced world of business.

Today, we're highlighting the importance of robust security measures for women entrepreneurs as we delve into the topic of securing Facebook against phishing scams. Let's talk about a solution that addresses social engineering threats and why ensuring a strong foundation for their online ventures is important.


With that said, Let's get started! 👊

Understanding Social Engineering Threats

It's essential to understand the concept of social engineering so we can effectively protect ourselves from phishing scams.

Social engineering involves manipulating individuals into divulging sensitive information or performing actions that compromise their security. Phishing scams are a common form of social engineering, where attackers masquerade as trustworthy entities to trick their victims. We will explore various social engineering threat tactics, highlight common vectors used by phishers, and emphasize the importance of being able to identify these threats for effective prevention.

Assessing Current Security

Before implementing advanced security measures, it's crucial to assess the current security measures in place on our Facebook accounts. We'll provide guidance on evaluating these measures. Then we'll discuss potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited by phishers. Once we identify any weaknesses, we can take necessary steps to strengthen our security.

Deploying Advanced Security Tools

Facebook offers a range of advanced security tools and features that can significantly enhance our protection against phishing scams.

We will introduce these tools and explain how they can effectively prevent such attacks. Step-by-step instructions will be provided on enabling and utilizing these tools, empowering women entrepreneurs to take control of their online security. We will also highlight the benefits of using advanced security tools, ensuring peace of mind and uninterrupted business operations.

The Solution: Give Phishers The Phinger

Introducing Give Phishers The Phinger, a comprehensive workshop designed to secure Facebook against phishing scams.

This powerful resource helps women entrepreneurs identify social engineering threat types, tactics, vectors, and target actions.

With this knowledge, entrepreneurs can stay one step ahead of cybercriminals

The Reason:

In today's digital landscape, we start by securing your Facebook accounts against phishing scams and continue using the technique and tools to secure all your vital accounts.

We know the importance of robust security measures. Understanding social engineering threats, assessing current security, and deploying advanced tools often keeps your security measures cutting-edge.

By taking action and implementing strong security measures, we can protect our businesses and secure our future.

Remember, your business's security is in your hands. Give phishers the phinger and savor the secret pleasure it gives you.

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Ange "Gos" Payton

The Securista - Online Cybersecurity DefendHer for the Kickass Woman Entrepreneur

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online DefendHer


Securista Cybersquad workshops+ CyberSafe Popup Facebook Group

I've got a three series workshop in the works. AND they're totally free. We'll start with the first layer of defense... securing your home. Then we'll tackle how to shield your phone... out in the wild. Finally, learn the favorite techniques and products security experts use to shut down access to those all important social apps.


CyberSecure squad security Coaching and community

I created the CyberSecure Squad Facebook group to bring cutting edge business women up-to-date security info and how to protect against malicious attacks. It's private group of seriously kickass smart entrepreneurs, ready to protect what's theirs. We'll cover AI, Web3, and even blockchain technologies in easy to understand every day language.


Consulting: security strategy and training

We call the vulnerable point of attack an endpoint. We'll start with a security audit and create a strategy of recommended products and services you can tailor to your business needs. Then we'll start building a security culture in your company with bite-sized gamified training on the latest attack trends and how to stop them saves time and money.

If I like you, I'll tell you about the Billion $ heist

Meet Your Securista!

Oh Hello! I’m Angela "Ange Gos" Payton - The Securista. I've reverse-engineered malware and as the tech copywriter, I made tech jargon understandable for everyday people. Retiring from the Security and Response team at Symantec didn't end my cybersecurity life.

My corporate copywriting clients, top competitors of my former company, wanted less technobabble in their marketing info, anchoring and keeping me deep in cybersecurity for years.

So what is a Securista? Like a barista, I help you craft your strongest security against hackers.

Why pivot to cybersecurity, now? I watched a "cybersecurity expert" with zero threat experience provide outdated information... so outdated, I knew I needed to help entrepreneurs, like yesterday because I have a wealth of knowledge and How-To's people need.

So here we are.

I live in a California Wine Country. It's a good Life!

Ready to Give A Phisher The Phinger?

Imagine keeping your family, home, AND business safe. Simply and easily.

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Guest speakers/trainers

Get To Know Some Seriously Smart People

I haz friends. I've already started inviting experts to come and talk about security trends and what's next. There may even be some history stories about how some threats were found. Group lives in Facebook and an exclusive members-only private podcast firing up the end of June 2023 will inform and entertain.


The categorical list o'things

Apps, Tools, & SaaS Worth Considering

In the member's area, we'll have a dedicated set of lists for apps, tools, & SaaS (both Software as a Service and Security as a Service). We'll cover who's behind them and what they cover.


of course!

Security Isn't Sexy Until It Saves Your Ass

An ounce of prevention... yada, yada. But really, think of how cool it will feel to know the latest social phishing scams and shutting it down. That's where our courses come in. Based on the Categorical Lists O'Security, we break down the how so you can decide if it'll work great for your or keep your $$. We'll also offer courses that will the protection protocols you'll use often.